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The Gods must have been sleeping.


Murugan, the 47-year old bachelor from Nagarcoil, Tamil Nadu did not know he would die in a few days when he came to Kerala as a refugee daily wage laborer. This man came to Kottiyam in Kollam and was residing there since the last few days. He worked as a milkman.

According to the staff of the ambulance that carried Murugan from hospital to hospital seeking treatment, Murugan traveled 120 kilometers and experienced 8 longest and most painful hours of his life before succumbing to injuries. Murugan was riding pillion on a bike with his friend at 10 PM when a car hit them. The city policemen took them to the first hospital where Murugan’s friend was admitted and Murugan was diagnosed with brain haemorrhage and advised to visit a better hospital. Thereafter, “Life Save Emergency Ambulance Service” took him to four other hospitals in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram where he was denied treatment citing various reasons such as absence of a ventilator or a neurosurgeon or a bystander. And, Murugan died at 6:30 AM.

My prime motive for putting this thing on my blog is, what is the first thing that comes to your mind after having read the above paragraphs? Well, the first thing that came to my mind was, what wrong did Murugan do that his fate offered him such a terrible goodbye? What was God doing all this time? The most important question, *DOES GOD EXIST AT ALL?*

After witnessing such happenings, my answer to the last question would be no. Humans dying out of human negligence. Seriously? The humanity that, we, the “so-called” humans talk about, where has it gone? Are we so selfish and inhumane to let our counterpart die? I, myself, am a believer of God. But such things make me think otherwise. Such things make me cringe.

The Gods WERE sleeping. Had They been awake, even Murugan would have been awake. But, why am I blaming the God? They say, the God resides in each one of us. Is this how we showcase the God inside us? One amongst us lets another one amongst us die citing silly reasons.

My reader, the purpose of this blog is to ignite or nourish the humaneness in you. Don’t lose the humanity we have inside us. That is what makes us HUMANS. Don’t let the ego or the selfishness inside us destroy the human inside us. If our counterpart is in need of help, we should try and help him/her in the best possible way. Just like the driver of the ambulance that carried Murugan to every hospital, sacrificed his night’s sleep, we can also do something for the needy people out there, provided, we are willing.

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Are you happy or you think to be so?


The reason our happiness doesn’t last is that we make reasons for it. We actually want reasons to be happy without which we can be more of a melodramatic individual. We literally need conditions to be happy. My critical statements are against none but the conditioning.  Being happy and peaceful causes us to embody health and longevity. The conditioning disables it to the extent that we fail to maintain our state of being where we are the most balanced, happy and prosperous.

We are always striving to be more and more happy. When we think we will be happier somewhere else is the moment we cease to be happy even if we aren’t aware of it. This creates a mental condition which is scary in the later stages as well as depressing, but do not worry, that’s what this article is for: To change the way we change our state of being in every moment.


“The secret to be happy isn’t in achieving the state of happiness, it lies within maintaining it.” -TOY

The reason we cannot stay happy isn’t that we never truly became happy till now; the problem is we can definitely achieve the state of happiness but we can never maintain it. With gym, we can create a body with the best shape but if we do not put an effort to maintain it, we know what happens; we require pumping our muscles again.

The same goes for being happy. We know the best way to be happy but attachments leads to desires, to be more and more happier eventually losing the satisfaction we seek. Trust me, all the happiness in the world wouldn’t let you feel satisfied and thus, never let you truly be happy if you let this into you. The key to being and staying happy is contentment. Contentment maintains happiness, cooling off our constantly seeking mind full of desires, attachments and fantasies.

Embodying Happiness:

All you have to do to be truly happy is, stop thinking to be happy and start being happy, stop thinking much and start feeling more & most importantly, to maintain the state of happiness where we are the most creative and the most efficient being in terms of output we can provide, we have to clear the mind which constantly fluctuates between past and the future, losing our presence in the present metaphysically. When one practices awareness about presence, opens oneself to eternity, the eternity of the eternal now.

Practicing this punctually induces self-mastery and with this bliss comes to you and stays. Bliss is wonderful, wonderful is imagination, imagination isn’t humane, imagination is a dream, a dream dreamt to imagine & create the creation, to achieve self perfection amidst an imagination of imperfection. Thus, self-mastery evolved from imperfect creation with a purpose to help enable ourselves to create and not just procreate. Laugh, Love & Live.

“Measure yourself in Contentment and Laughter instead of inches and pounds.” -TOY

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Sense of Choice


Time is a physical quantity and we know it exists. It cannot be sensed through a single sense. It is felt as an experience through the cumulative of all the senses. But what is the cumulative of all the senses? Life. LIFE itself is a sense which we utilize to live.
There was a time when the movies were black and white( don’t get nostalgic), then came rich colored flicks and then the 3D movies and now we’re also seeing 5D-7D movies too. Why do we keep on adding more dimensions to the movies? So that we ‘feeeeel’ & sense them more.

It’s a choice you make in life

What if I tell you that it’s a choice you make in life to believe that the life we’re living is a movie which is a 15+Dimensional movie made so creatively that we feel it and experience it as reality? We know, we are souls embodying human form; we also know, human form is temporary but not the soul we are. This simulation designed by the divinity of the universe’s will is in-fact a play ground where we need to keep on reminding ourselves that its temporary or else we get so lost and attached to this simulated reality that we end up forgetting the truth about ourselves, the tools we are provided with and the purpose of this divinely orchestrated game.

If you win the game, you advance to further levels and yes there are so many levels within this universe beyond this one life form which are necessary for us to fulfill because only after clearing these stages can we really become and learn that what is intended by the consciousness of the universe. Understand this way, what if you met a person from Antarctica who belongs to a secret civilization and is far more advanced than us and the problem is the communication language he utilizes can not be understood by any of us.

Finding out a way to understand what he has to offer

Instead of finding out a way to understand what he has to offer, a human by his natural instincts will only be scared of the unknown and may take drastic actions and end up going no where. That’s why this stage was created to help us, humans, understand what “God” wants us to. Time and again, it’s a choice they make to take birth amidst us humans and make an attempt to explain us the guidance he’s here to provide but as usual, we humans if observed a miraculous act by another human, we start calling them god and also develop cults to follow him and pray him and be scared of him when the truth is that God never wants us to do any of such things.

The only thing that these divine souls who we now know as gods amidst humans, attempted to convey us that all we need to do is take an action in the right direction. For that, we require a good will and a mindset to decide what is the right thing to do which reveals our sense of choice.

What if life is a real-time simulation

and we’re the beings of free will in it. The reality is an illusion, a real illusion. We are consciousness, creator consciousness I.e. made from the consciousness of the creator. What is the point of making a movie in a world where there’s nobody to watch? In the beginning of time, the universal consciousness was alone so it made fragments of itself and created such a beautiful simulation. We and the entire universe is a part of it.

We are the actors, we are the directors, we are the heroes and we are the villains of our own individual and cumulative movie. There wasn’t anybody to watch so we began living it. And since the beginning, we started evolving from singular sense to multiple senses till what we have right now just the way movies started from black and white to what it is right now.

Attachment to objects of distraction within

We started sensing it more and thus we simultaneously started developing more and more senses making it feel with the utmost precision. In the movies, when the choreography is so precise sometimes the animation feels so realistic that we give reactions to it while watching it. That shows how weak attachment makes us. Attachment to objects of distraction within.

To defend ourselves form the attachments that drain the progress we achieve in one birth through the means of purpose oriented actions as intended or Karma. Karma is the indicator of one’s progress on any given stage. This reality is an illusion, a real illusion, intended to be made so realistic that the players may get lost within this cycle for eternity and cannot pass through without growth and evolution of self towards love.

Real Evidence of Reality:

Well, I do have an explanation to my claim that reality is a simulation or a hologram I.e. the reality is an illusion, a real illusion. Here it goes.
What is an atom made up of?
Electron, proton and neutron, the basic particles, right?
Well, electron is the lightest particle, proton is a bit heavier and neutron is the heaviest. But, science says, 99.99% of an atom is an empty space!
Take a molecule of a thousand atoms, it has only 0.01% of mass and 99.99% of the thousand atoms is also empty space.
The same goes with a million atoms and another infinite atoms.
The entire universe is made up of atoms. If you see the solar system, Sun is the largest celestial body being a star and other planets are almost negligible in front of the entire solar system. As in an atom, the main weight of the 0.01% mass is that of the nucleus, comprises of protons and neutrons. Likewise, the sun is a nucleus, where nuclear reactions take place, and it occupies the major portion of the mass of our entire solar system. 99% of it is empty. Even the 99% of our entire observable universe is nothing but empty space. Even your hands, which might be made up of a trillion atoms and it is mainly empty space!

We’re all solar organisms

We’re all solar organisms, which literally means we’re formed due to the intelligent Light or Sun rays (consciousness) which gave us the form we have right now! And we’re so attached to the form that we forgot that we are the consciousness, just like the way we forgot for a moment that it’s just a Horror movie and nothing really to be scared about. Reality is like a huge circus, which is dead grey without electricity but together with electricity it is as alive as the LIFE we live, and we are the electricity(consciousness) which gives the circus life!

And every ride is an experience we need to gain either being scared or thrilled by it and it is a choice we make because we are beings of free will and infinite senses. Every thought is a sense made up of conscious and subconscious responses to various stimuli. Being aware and making a choice is conscious, being unaware and making a choice is subconscious and free will is the only bridge between them, which is a choice we make, either to be aware or to ignore(remain unaware), rest of all is the play being played according to the script being written by the universal consciousness about the movie we live, depending on the choices we make. I choose love, what do you ?

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The Humanity Song-Poem


The Humanity Song

Was sitting quiet as the day was seeming mild…….
Then drew my attention one innocently playing child……

That scene interrupted the thought flow creating a confusion…..
The question rose… Do we fill the purpose of being human……?????

Centuries of the time we have lived….
Almost every possible knowledge we’ve perceived……

But…. Do we have that same spark….
Are we still the same by heart…??

For survival we all are into a never ending race…..
Why money has become the only thing worth of our chase…..??

Trying to find the benefit in every single action……
Why there is no importance of soul satisfaction……???

All luxuries and comforts are available like high tide…..
But we need to find that compassion and intimacy which is hidden inside……

World is getting crowded by the strong jungle of concrete and steel…..
Getting weaker is the feelings we feel…..

Violence,Power,War are the things we’ve started obsessing……
But have forgotten that we can’t hear the song of humanity with all guns blazing…….

Hatred,jealousy, greed…aren’t the emotions we should bestow……
Just follow the simple concept of eat,pray,love…….

I’m saying all this but I’m too stuck in this trap…..
But I do believe that a thought an idea can make a tap…..

We have the chance to rewind……
Lets do that and…. Love,Intimacy,Compassion is the real treasure we must find……..

Lets make luxuries not the things that matter……
Lets enjoy the essence of living together…….

We try to learn a whole new art…….
No lands…. But the will of conquer the heart……

All beliefs,barriers will be proved WRONG……
When we’ll go hand in hand singing THE HUMANITY SONG…….


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